Integration of artificial intelligence into “Office” .. the latest innovation of “Microsoft”

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Microsoft intends to integrate artificial intelligence technology into its leading text-writing service, Office.

And according to what was reported by “The Information” website, according to an informed source, “Microsoft” will employ artificial intelligence technology from the “Open AI” non-profit laboratory for artificial intelligence in San Francisco, in “Word”, “Outlook” and “Power Point” programs. ».

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The use of artificial intelligence in creative fields

Recently, the use of artificial intelligence in the creative fields has spread, thanks to “stable diffusion” technology, which is a machine learning model that converts text into speech that can be used to create digital artwork. For example, typing something like “monkey riding a bike wearing a hat” will generate that image.

Microsoft is considering using the same technology to help its customers place texts on a page or presentation, giving users the ability to automatically create email message texts and various literature, based on some directions that the user enters in the form of keywords, which include “tone.” To be used in the text, according to what was published by the Emirati newspaper, Al-Bayan.

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Develop new technologies for Microsoft products

In 2019, Microsoft invested about $1 billion in the OPI lab, with the aim of working on new technologies for its products. Since then, no developments have been announced in this area except for the announcement of the Copilot software utility last year.

According to news reports, Microsoft may use OpenAI’s ChatGBT feature, which is very popular these days, to present natural language search results in its Bing search engine, instead of a list of links. .

The company’s future plans, according to sources, could include integrating the same type of tools into the Microsoft 365 suite of software.

These tools include improving search results in Outlook email, integrating automatic replies into messages and recommendations for improving writing styles, and other programs such as chatbots.

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