Insulting the cleaner… a sudden end to an incident that angered the Egyptians

In a happy ending to an incident port said cleaner, Who was insulted by an employee during his work, which ignited the communication sites and angered the Egyptians. The authorities decided to satisfy the worker, provide him with a suitable job, and investigate the employee responsible for the incident.

Today, Monday, Brigadier General Khaled Kishk, head of the Sharq neighborhood in Port Said Governorate, northern Egypt, received the cleaner, and apologized to him for what the occupancy employee had done. He also offered him a job to work in the neighborhood that guarantees him a decent life, while it was decided to refer the employee for investigation.

His sons work in high-profile professions

The cleaner refused to talk about the incident, explaining that his small family does not know the nature of his work, especially since he is from Minya Governorate and has a wife and children working in high professions.

The incident was buzzing with social networking sites during the past few hours, as a video clip showed an insult to a cleaner in the city of Port Said by a neighborhood employee after confiscating the vehicle he was working on to earn a living.

In the clip, the cleaning worker appeared begging the employee to leave his cart, which he did not own, and he was begging him, saying: “I swear to you, by God Almighty, I am going.. I am at my current state.. By God, I did not break my fast in the morning.” The employee did not show any reaction except that he He films the cart, talks on his phone, and pushes and insults the worker.

Sad incident

For his part, Hamada Al-Rifai, the photographer of the incident, confirmed that he did not intervene to save the worker, and preferred to film the clip until it reaches the officials and this employee is held accountable.

He told that the incident occurred in Salah Salem Street in the eastern neighborhood of Port Said, and that the worker is known in the area as collecting garbage and plastic to earn a halal living for himself and his dependents, pointing out that the employee was not satisfied with taking the cart, but rather beat the worker even before he He starts shooting.

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