“Infidels”.. A video of a mass assault on tourists sparks outrage in Libya

I am gone A wave of anger among the Libyans During the past hours, after a video clip documented a mass assault on foreign tourists on the main street in the capital, Tripoli, spread.

The video showed a group of minors and youths attacking foreign tourists who were roaming in the Tarik al-Shatt area in the capital, gathering around them, harassing and insulting them, to the point where they were assaulted without any official security intervention to defend them.


The clip also monitored the tourists’ attempt to flee and return to the inn while they were in a state of fear and panic, but the group chased them and tried to obstruct their movement, as one of them shouted, “infidels”, in the complete absence of the security services.

In addition, these scenes sparked widespread anger on social media, as activists criticized the barbarism of young people, considering it offensive to the country’s image and culture.

Activist Hakim Hijazi wrote, “Those from lost and lost Tripoli, without authorities or law,” wondered, “What do we expect from a generation raised on chaos?”

While the activist, Ruqaya, called for the prosecution and imprisonment of these young men, because what they did was not of the morals of the Libyans, and an uncivilized act, and she wondered about the absence of the police.

In turn, the activist Muhammad al-Azraq, commenting on the incident, considered that the youth video, which monitored the harassment of foreign tourists inside Tripoli, is “a model that harms the reputation of Libya as a state and people.”

It is noteworthy that since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, it has become very rare for tourists to visit Libya, due to the disturbed security situation, and the recording of kidnapping cases targeting especially foreigners.

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