Incredibly similar.. Sheikh Al-Shaarawi’s look-alike tells his story

A few days ago, the pioneers of communication sites in Egypt circulated a video showing the appearance of a person resembling the late preacher Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawy.

And a man appeared in the video, which was filmed in the courtyard of Al-Hussein Mosque in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, very much in his famous robes and glasses, which made a large number of people gather around him to take memorial photos and ask him to pray for them.

In addition, met the likeness of Al-Shaarawy, who narrated his story with this similarity and the situations he was exposed to as a result.

He said that his name is Abdel Moneim Abu Attia, and he is retired and resides in the Menoufia Governorate in northern Egypt, and he discovered this similarity exactly 20 years ago, and after the death of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi, as when he frequented any government agency to spend his special treatment, the employees facilitated the matter for him, Believing that he is one of the sons of the late preacher, adding that he was always faced with one question: Is he a relative of Al-Shaarawi or one of his sons? His answer each time was no.

Dazed and amazed

Abu Attia added that he was a fan of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi, and once he was participating in the commemoration of the third anniversary of his death in a mosque in the presence of the relatives of the late preacher.

They asked him about his identity, and he answered them that he was a fan of the preacher, especially since he was wearing the same galabia that Al-Shaarawi wore, as well as sunglasses, indicating that since that date he began to participate in every activity related to Al-Shaarawi, and he found himself surrounded by the sheikh’s fans who used to see him as the late preacher in all his details. Except for – as he says – his religious and scientific details and his proselytizing abilities.

Sheikh Mohammed Metwally Al Shaarawi

Sheikh Mohammed Metwally Al Shaarawi

Abu Attia revealed that because everyone gathered around him, he was late in performing the prayers, and he noticed that some still believed that he was Al-Shaarawi with his knowledge, and asked him some religious questions, whether in the streets, mosques, trains or the metro, indicating that he began to agree with him in religion and explore his sciences to respond sometimes. On some of the questions that people besieged and rained down on.

He said that he continued to read Al-Shaarawi’s books and his interpretation of the Qur’an, and he persevered in commemorating his death and his birthday, as well as all celebrations, indicating that people ask him to pray in the belief that he is a relative of Al-Shaarawi.

Religious series

He pointed out that a number of citizens asked him to play the character of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi in a religious series, and many stopped him to take memorial photos with him, as well as press interviews, while others asked him for his own rosary and prayer rug.

It is noteworthy that the religious preacher, Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawi, passed away on June 17, 1998. He is a religious scholar and former Egyptian Minister of Awqaf.

Al-Shaarawi is considered one of the most famous interpreters of the meanings of the Noble Qur’an in the modern era, and he was able to simplify the interpretation and reach it to the largest segment of the audience, and some called him the imam of the preachers.

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