Incredible video.. 3 bombs land on a Russian soldier in a trench

Did not expect Russian soldier It was at a Warrior’s Break that a Ukrainian drone would appear above him, showering him with a barrage of bombs.

A video clip showed shocking moments, when a soldier was resting in a trench when a military drone surprised him with grenades.

3 bombs in a row

During the first strike, a bomb hit his back, but it did not explode, so he seemed to be swinging in the trench in the footage.

As for the second, it fell near his forehead until I picked it up and threw it away, and it exploded a great distance away.

Until the third fell to the ground near him, smoke rose in the air.

In this incident, which most likely occurred last spring, the man appeared injured and was lying on his side in the dirt in an area of ​​Donbass.

While those footage raised the concern of the Russian forces about the danger they face on Ukrainian soil, according to the British newspaper, The Sun.

Battles intensify

Meanwhile, Russian sources commented on the video, expressing their astonishment at what they called the “bragging” of the Ukrainian forces by throwing 3 hand grenades at a wounded Russian soldier.

She saw this scene as the strongest evidence that Ukrainians kill for fun.

It is noteworthy that the last period witnessed an intensification of the pace of battles between the Russian and Ukrainian forces in various regions, especially with the arrival of Western aid batches to Kyiv, and amid Moscow’s intensification of its strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure and power stations in response to the counter-attack launched by the Ukrainian forces in the east and south against its forces.

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