Including skimmed milk .. Avoid 5 healthy foods for the safety of your heart

An American specialist revealed that there are 5 types of foods that should be avoided to maintain heart health.

Elizabeth Claudas, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Hospital and founder of Step One Foods, said that one does not need to be a “nutrition expert to know that one will not benefit from a steady diet of cheeseburgers, donuts and fries, but there are a number of options.” which are not as healthy for the heart as is commonly believed.

1. Skimmed milk

Although skim milk has less saturated fat than whole milk, Dr. Claudas recommends “trying alternatives,” such as almond, cashew or soy milk, which contain more unsaturated fat.

You can also eat broccoli, kale, oranges, beans and figs to get more calcium.

the milk

the milk

2. Soft drinks without sugar

The nutritionist also indicated that diet soft drinks or those with less sugar do not necessarily mean that they are healthy or less harmful to health, explaining that French researchers concluded in an observational study that artificial sweeteners “should not be considered a healthy and safe alternative to sugar.” Even taking into account the “extensive use of this material in products on the world market.”

Dr. Claudas advised drinking water or mint tea, as it is full of heart-healthy compounds that help fight inflammation and cell damage, as black and green tea are linked to a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes.

3. A loaf of bread

Perhaps, the American doctor explained, “many people will be surprised when they learn that bread and baked goods are among the largest sources of sodium in our diets.” For example, one plain piece of bread contains a third of the recommended daily intake of sodium by the American Heart Association.

A healthier alternative is bread with the grains and seeds visible, which contains at least 3g of fiber per 100 calories.

4. Ghee

Dr. Claudas explained that although partially hydrogenated oils were banned in 2015, many margarines still contain palm oil, which can raise blood cholesterol, and she recommends olive or flaxseed oil.

Dr. Claudas explained that olive oil contains only low levels of saturated fat and no trans fat.

Ghee - iStock

Ghee – iStock

5. Granola bars

Despite being billed as a healthy alternative to candy, many granola bars contain added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and palm oil, which are heart-healthy negatives.

And Dr. Claudas advised that raw nuts be eaten on their own, oatmeal for breakfast, or dried or fresh fruit instead of granola bars.

Granola bars - expressive

Granola bars – expressive

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