In the video, Hussain Al Jasmi celebrates his marriage contract, in the presence of the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Emirati star, Hussein Al Jasmi, celebrated his wedding and entering the golden cage from a young woman from outside the artistic community, in a family atmosphere and in the presence of the UAE Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

And the owner of “Good Skin” announced the happy news directly without revealing the bride’s identity through a tweet on Twitter, in which he wrote, “God honored me and beautified my home with blessings and joy, and our atmosphere spread the fragrance of pleasure, praise be to God. And family and loved ones.”

Mayar Abbas, the director of the Emirati artist’s work, also announced the news of the marriage contract, through a picture that brought them together, which he published on his own account on “Instagram”, and commented on it: “My dear brother and companion, Hussein Al Jasmi, your joy on the day of your marriage contract is a joy for everyone, may God complete you on It is good and makes you happy and keeps you happy.”

He also published a video clip of the marriage ceremony, showing Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the moment he arrived at the occasion.

On the other hand, congratulations and blessings poured out on the artist from a large number of art stars, led by the Emirati star Ahlam, who published a personal photo of him on Twitter and attached it to a comment: “The dear brotherhood, congratulations. And bring you and your family together in goodness, and I ask God to bless you with righteous offspring.”

His fans and fans throughout the Arab world also shared his congratulations and expressed their joy at entering their Emirati star into the golden cage.

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