In the official photo… a protest movement by German players in the first World Cup match in Qatar

The German national team players covered their mouths during the official photo before their match with Japan in the opening of Group E competitions in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in protest against the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) refusal to allow them to wear badges in support of homosexuals.

The leaders of seven European teams intended to wear these badges as part of a campaign to reject discrimination during the tournament in Qatar, but the move was aborted after FIFA threatened disciplinary sanctions.

The official accounts of the Manchaft national team published a picture of the national team’s protest, with the phrase, “With or without a badge, we are steadfast in our position.”

The German national team said through its Twitter account: “We wanted to use our captain’s armband to express our attitude towards the values ​​we uphold in the German national team: diversity and mutual respect. With other countries, we wanted our voice to be heard.”

He added, “It was not about a political position – human rights are not negotiable. This should be taken for granted, but it is not. That is why this message is so important to us.”

Qatar has faced a barrage of Western criticism over its anti-LGBT laws and allegations of labor rights violations.

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