In the event that the “roosters” win the World Cup, Macron will not receive them at the Elysee Palace on Monday

French President Emmanuel Macron will not be present in Paris on Monday, whether the roosters win the 2022 World Cup final or lose against Argentina.

Macron will go to Doha, on Sunday, to attend the final, and will not return the next day.

If the roosters beat the Argentine team, at Lusail Stadium, the French team will return to Paris, but Macron will not be able to welcome them to the Elysee Palace on Monday, according to what the French TV channel reported, Bfm.

However, the traditional reception will not be canceled, as it may take place at a later time.

This is because Macron has a busy schedule at the beginning of next week, as he will visit the forces on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, and he will participate on Tuesday in the Baghdad summit in Jordan.

And Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein announced that a second regional summit on Iraq will be held in Amman on December 20, expecting the participation of Iran and Turkey.

Macron confirmed, during a press conference, his desire to welcome on his plane to Qatar the injured players who were unable to participate in the World Championships, including Karim Benzema, Ngolo Kante, and others.

On Thursday, Macron defended his decision to visit Qatar to support the French national team during the World Cup semi-final match, despite accusations linking Qatar to corruption in the European Parliament, according to AFP.

Macron visited Qatar, on Wednesday evening, to watch the France-Morocco match in the semi-finals, in which the French team won, and he will return to Doha on Sunday to watch the final match against Argentina.

Macron, who then went to Brussels to participate in the European Union summit, said, “I bear fully” the responsibility for visiting Qatar.

He added, “Four years ago, I supported the French national team in Russia, and I support it in Qatar.”

The French President indicated that the European Union first needs to know all the facts related to an investigation being conducted by the Belgian authorities in a corruption case linked to Qatar, as well as knowing everything related to those involved in the matter before making any decisions, according to Reuters.

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