In sportswear.. Watch Georgina shopping with her children in Riyadh

A video clip, which was widely circulated on social media, appeared on Thursday. Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of world star Cristiano RonaldoShe is shopping with her children at the Kingdom Tower Mall – in the center of Riyadh -. And the video – which appears to be taken from a distance – showed Georgina in her sportswear with her children.

During the past few days, social media has been buzzing with talk about the “historic” deal for the international star and his family to join Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis were preoccupied with Ronaldo’s “glamorous” girlfriend, and Twitter users posted photos modified with “Photoshop” of the identity of Georgina Rodriguez’s residence when she moved to Riyadh.

They also shared pictures and videos For Georgina and her children to enter the field to join Ronaldo in greeting the Saudi fans Marsool Park stadium in Riyadh.

They also discussed the imitation of the beautiful Georgina to the star Cristiano Ronaldo, and she appeared to the audience with words of welcome in Arabic, saying to the fans of Al-Nasr Club in the “Marsool Park” stadium: “Hello and welcome.” Arabic: “I am my world.”

Before that, tweeters published pictures of the charming Georgina, modified with “Photoshop”, while she was wearing the Al-Nasr Club shirt, while others touched on which schools the children of the “Don” would enroll in, and others went to suggest places and restaurants for the famous family.

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