In response to human rights requests… a French town decides to “hide” a picture of Khomeini

The mayor of the French town of “Novel Le Chateau” announced that a picture of the founder of the Iranian regime, Ruhollah Khomeini, placed on private land, where Khomeini resided in the late seventies, will be hidden from view.

This decision came in response to a request from the International Federation for Women’s Rights, on behalf of a group of 40 non-governmental organizations In light of the protests taking place in Iran.

Mayor Elizabeth Sanjeevi made the decision during a meeting with union representatives. According to Sanjeevi, an attempt will be made to oblige the owner of the land where Khomeini’s image is erected to remove this banner through a judicial process.

From burning Khomeini's picture during demonstrations in Tehran

From burning Khomeini’s picture during demonstrations in Tehran

The image is placed on a one-meter-high wooden sign, which is installed on private land, but can be seen from the street.

The banner includes text written in Farsi and French, evoking Khomeini’s stay between October 1978 and January 1979 when the Shah of Iran forced him into exile.

The International Federation for Women’s Rights and French non-governmental organizations are still requesting that a square or street in Novell Chateau be named “Mahsa Amini”, a Kurdish girl who died in mid-September 2022 at the hands of the “morality police” in Tehran after she was arrested for not wearing a headscarf.

Her death sparked widespread public protests in Iran.

Chen Tehran A crackdown on anti-government demonstrations taking place in the countryAnd about 100 people are facing execution in connection with the protest movements, according to networks and human rights organizations. Hundreds died on the sidelines of the protests. The authorities also arrested thousands of people who participated in the movements, which included raising slogans against them.

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