In pictures… Air traffic covers the skies of Egypt with the launch of the “COP27” climate summit

The Governor of South Sinai, Khaled Fouda, said: Sharm El Sheikh Airport Yesterday, Friday, 7,500 participants of different nationalities were received, bringing the total number of participants who arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh in just two days to 15,000 participants.

In addition, about 7,500 people, yesterday, Saturday, will participate in the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP 27), bringing the number to 22,500 people, and the candidate for an increase in accordance with the conference’s programs, which will last for more than 10 days, amid intense precautionary measures, according to what he stated. Fouda” to “Daily News Egypt”, and reviewed by “Al”.

An image of the “Flight Radar 24” website showed heavy traffic in the air traffic coming to Egypt yesterday, Saturday, in an unusual way that almost covered the skies of northern Egypt, especially the northeastern part of the country.

Fouda stressed that facilities are provided inside the airport, in addition to the presence of specialized teams to receive conference guests from their arrival at the airport until they are accommodated to ensure the provision of high-quality services, and this conference will reflect the civilized image of Egypt and its ability to organize such international conferences.

He pointed out that the maximum state of emergency was declared in the sectors at the governorate level throughout the conference period, and security measures were tightened for those coming and leaving from the governorate, starting from the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel to the city of Taba, in addition to intensifying fixed and mobile ambushes throughout the city of Sharm El-Sheikh to secure the guests.

For its part, EgyptAir, the official carrier of the climate conference, organized about 250 flights between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh airports during the summit period, to transport about 40,000 participants in the conference, in addition to direct flights to Sharm El Sheikh, from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Istanbul, and Dubai airports. Lagos and Nairobi.

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