In a way that removes the feeling of being closed… Errors in decoration cause space constraints and correct them

Follow-up – Batool Dhawa

Many mistakes made by many in the interior decoration of the house cause space constraints. In the next few lines, a number of these errors, and how to correct them, in a way that distances the feeling of closure from the inhabitants of the small house, namely:

Window size: The design of small windows is not appropriate in the narrow rooms of the house. On the contrary, the installation of large windows ensures the presence of natural lighting, which makes the interior space “beautiful”.

Furniture: Some homeowners make the mistake of buying low or “bulky” furniture with dark fabric linings. while sofas and chairs with visible legs make the space appear larger than it is.

In addition, the pieces of furniture should be far from the wall, for example: in the living room, it is recommended to choose a “thin” console, in terms of the surface. With a place arrangement for him behind the sofa to express the space.

It should be noted that for small spaces, purchasing a master sofa of the right size is essential. In this case, a light-textured sofa in neutral colors is appropriate, without overriding the “organic” look of the piece. and the light but bold colored pillows that are spread across.

It is worth noting that woolen and velvet fabrics weigh down small rooms. While cotton, linen and “lace” give the space “elegance.”

As for the table, it adopts unobtrusive designs such as wrought iron, glass and acrylic, which makes the space more spacious.

Mirrors: No matter how narrow the space, mirrors certainly mean spaciousness, but it is not correct to choose a small size. Instead, place large mirrors where they reflect light

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