In a precedent of its kind.. the head of Airbnb offers a room in his house for rent

Home rental company Airbnb promises “unique stays and experiences” for guests. Now one of those experiences could include sharing a home with its co-founder and CEO.

On Wednesday, Brian Chesky revealed that he’s listed a private room that is, in fact, a “carefully designed suite featuring personal photos and collectibles from the early days of Airbnb— in his San Francisco home for rent on the catwalk.

He wrote on Twitter: “I had some weekends available in January, February and March, but they were booked even before I posted this tweet. I will continue to have more weekends available throughout the year.”

Chesky’s offer promises access to a large bathroom, use of a spacious kitchen, views of the Castro neighborhood and time with him and his dog, Sophie.

The house rules say there is 24/7 security, parties are not allowed and guests will need to show proof of coronavirus vaccination, including at least one booster dose.

The company is seeking to attract more new hosts to the platform. In updates this week, Airbnb rolled out new tools to make it easier for people to list their homes on the platform and increased damage protection for hosts from $1 million to $3 million, according to the Washington Post.

In response to widespread complaints from users who said high fees lead them to prefer hotels, the company also announced earlier this month that it would change the way prices are displayed and encourage hosts not to make “unreasonable” requests.

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