In a missile test… the first public appearance of the North Korean leader’s daughter

The daughter of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, was spotted in her first public appearance on Friday, which was confirmed by the official Central News Agency, according to a report published by the network.CNN“.

The picture shows the girl next to her father, the North Korean leader, wearing a white jacket, apparently at a military site.

The North Korean Central News Agency did not disclose the name of Kim’s daughter

The North Korean Central News Agency did not disclose the name of the girl, who accompanied Kim while he supervised the test launch of the missile on Friday.

Kim’s daughter accompanied him to observe a missile test

North Korea claims that it launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday, flying a distance of more than 999 km.

It is believed that Kim has 3 children

The private life of North Korean leader Kim is a secret within the country and little is known about it.

And the “CNN” report recalled an interview with former basketball star Dennis Rodman to the Guardian newspaper that Kim has a child named “Ju A”, indicating that he spent some time with the Kim family and spoke with Ri Sol Ju, the wife of the North Korean leader.

Personal details of Kim’s life are kept secret in North Korea

In 2012, there was speculation that Ri might be pregnant after she appeared in state media wearing a long trench coat.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service confirms that Kim has three children.


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