In 1966, the World Cup was stolen and found by a dog

From 11 to 30 July 1966, England hosted the eighth edition of the World Cup world Cup of football In which 16 countries from Europe, Asia and the American continent participated, but were boycotted by African countries. During this tournament, England won its first World Cup in its history after defeating West Germany in the final, with a score of four goals to two.

In addition, this tournament witnessed a strange incident. Surprisingly, the cup was stolen from its London display before it was later found by chance by a dog and its owner.

Pickles with his owner

Pickles with his owner

During January 1966, the English Football League received soccer world cup sBill about 7 months from the launch of the competition. Under heavy security, the World Cup was shown to the public on March 19 of the same year at Westminster Central Hall during a local exhibition. Meanwhile, the English authorities placed security men who monitored the gilded silver cup, whose value did not exceed 30,000 pounds at the time, throughout the day to ensure its safety and not to be stolen.

While they were touring the building on March 20, the security men noticed broken windows and an open door in the back of the building. As they entered the place, the guards were surprised by the disappearance of the cup, which had been stolen by an unknown person. As soon as the news of the theft spread, Scotland Yard took upon itself the task of investigating the incident to arrest the perpetrator and return the cup to its place before the start of the world championship.

On March 21, 1966, the president of the English Football League, Joe Mears, received an anonymous call asking him to go to Chelsea FC to receive a parcel. As he opened the package, Joe Mears found part of the top section of the World Cup and a letter demanding £15,000 to retrieve the trophy. Over the following days, the English police intensified their security campaigns, which failed miserably, as the security men were unable to identify the kidnapper of the World Cup before Less than 4 months from the start of the tournament.

While walking with his dog Pickles in southeast London on March 27, David Corbett stumbled upon the missing cup. As he returned home, his dog Pickles sniffed something strange near the outer wall. As he approached the scene, Corbett was surprised by an old newspaper wrapped inside the missing World Cup that Scotland Yard had been unable to find.

Later, Corbett handed over the cup to the English police, who recognized it and went to detain him for a short period due to suspicions of his participation in the theft. In the following period, the dog Pickles gained great fame in England, and he appeared in many television programs that described him as a hero. On the other hand, his owner, David Corbett, received an exceptional honor, as he was summoned to dinner with the England national team players, before he received a financial reward of 6,000 pounds sterling.

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