Imprisonment of an Iranian blogger on charges of corruption on earth… and fears of new executions

Iranian activist Masih Alinejad, who resides in the United States, said that the Iranian regime has deposited the Iranian blogger, Beta Haqqani Nasimi, in Kimshah detention center on charges of corruption on earth, and that her family is worried that the regime will sentence her to death.

The Iranian protests, which were ignited by the death of the young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, in the “morality police” on the pretext of not adhering to the rules of hijab, entered their 100th day without an end in sight. The bloody crackdown launched by the authorities resulted in the killing of at least 506 protesters, including 69 minors, and the number of arrests reached 18,516, according to the Iranian Human Rights Activists Agency “Hrana”. Iran faced angry international and domestic criticism after it executed two protesters this month.

and with Protests continue in Iranian citiesclips showed Iranian girls setting fire to the headquarters of the “Vali Asr” of the Basij, and night demonstrations continued in Isfahan, central Iran, as well as in several cities despite the low temperatures and snowfall.

After the Iranian judiciary announced that the Supreme Court had accepted the appeal of two demonstrators, who were sentenced to death due to errors in the investigations related to their cases, the court reversed the appeal decision and approved the death sentence of the protester, Muhammad Qabadlo.

And the squares in Iran have turned from patches crowded with demonstrators to fields of public death with cranes. This is how the Iranian regime wants them to silence the voices of the demonstrations, according to Amnesty International, which described that scene as a sham trial aimed at intimidating the protesters.

Meanwhile, the reformist politician and former deputy, Hossein Ansari Rad, warned in an open letter to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, of a “big explosion” if “radical reforms” did not take place. Ansari Rad says the protests are “a small spark from a large focus and a huge amount of anger, resentment, mistrust and despair at the ineffective and corrupt administration that does not respond to any of the real and vital demands of the people.” He urged Ansari Rad, the Iranian guide, to end the policy of repression, execution and torture.

In the most recent situation, the Qom Seminary Teachers Association announced its support for the implementation of the first two executions, and called on the Iranian judiciary to “greater firmness” in executing death sentences “to turn it into an example,” in reference to death sentences issued against 11 other detainees.

In a statement, it accused the protesters of working to spread terror and intimidation among Iranians through “riots”, with the aim of “showing Iran that it is not safe,” and demanded penalties that amount to amputation of fingers and feet for those who participated in the protests. The “Hrana” agency said it had identified 58 protesters who were at risk of execution.

This comes as the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee praised, President Joe Biden’s administration continues to hold Iranian officials accountable What she described as “indiscriminate violence” against protests in Iran.

The committee said on its Twitter account that it “must respond forcefully” to the increasing pace of prosecutions and executions by the Iranian regime.

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