Imprisonment for a sorceress who deceived a Sudanese trader.. until she went bankrupt

A Sudanese court has sentenced a woman to imprisonment and a fine against a woman who defrauded a cloth merchant in Khartoum through quackery and sorcery.

Beginning of the story

The story began inside the cloth store when one of her colleagues informed her that his mobile phone had been lost, and he spoke with great sadness that his phone was valuable. At that time, the accused was overhearing the conversation of the merchant with the owner of the lost mobile phone while she was standing near them.

Without introductions, she broke into their conversation and informed them that she was a “Sheikha” and had the ability to return his lost phone to him again, and also had the ability to protect it from theft or loss again, and she asked him for 15 thousand Sudanese pounds in exchange for that work, but the man surprised her by his willingness to pay 50 A thousand pounds if I succeeded in recovering his phone.

Salt bath

Here, the accused turned to a cloth merchant and told her that she was envied and had “symptoms” and could protect her from envy and protect her home as well.

And she asked her to bathe in water mixed with salt to expel the evil eye and envy, and asked her to take her to her house so that she could go out to work and nullify her magic.

Indeed, the cloth merchant took her to her house, and there the accused asked her to bring salt water and put it near an incense burner before releasing thick incense with a pungent smell.

servant money

At an appropriate moment, she asked the cloth merchant to give her five hundred thousand pounds, and in an unconscious moment, the merchant responded and handed her the required amount.

This process was repeated three times, and each time the merchant unconsciously handed the accused an amount of money, and the accused was making her believe that those sums go to the “servants” of the jinn.

a huge loss

After that, the accused handed the cloth merchant incense and claimed that it brings livelihood, but what happened was the exact opposite, as the merchant lost all her money and sank into debt.

After it was too late, she discovered that she had fallen victim to an impostor who had seized her money through sorcery, and she quickly wrote a report with the details of the incident.

The strangest event

The strangest thing about this story is that the police found the accused hidden inside the guard, after arresting her in connection with another case related to quackery and sorcery.

Immediately, she was referred to the Khartoum North Criminal Court, which heard all parties before issuing its verdict yesterday, Thursday, against the accused, to a year in prison, and to return an amount of two million pounds to the merchant.

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