Important steps to prevent “iOS 16” battery life draining on iPhone

The recent period has witnessed a new update in Apple phones, which is the iOS 16 update, which is one of the best systems that have been released, but a large number of complaints have been issued by people about large battery drain, and in this regard, it has been revealed The Mag Laptop website, which specializes in technology news, provides some details regarding this matter, and we review through these lines some important steps in order to preserve battery life.

Prevent iOS 16 from draining battery life

The technical website indicated that the latest update by the American company “Apple” in its operating system “iOS 16” causes “serious damage” to the battery life of the iPhone phones, and some sources have stated that the new update for the iPhone Case significantly affects the battery consumption. In iPhone phones, which is particularly evident in older models, such as the iPhone 13 mini, some steps can be taken to avoid this negative effect.

Steps to prevent “iOS 16” life draining iPhone battery life

The “Laptop Mag” technical website states that a number of steps are taken in order to preserve the battery, which are as follows.

  • Preventing Spotlight from exploiting your data, Spotlight delves into user files to improve the results it shows on them.
  • In addition to the need to stop the fitness app: the new update introduces an app called “Fitness”
  • Lock screen widgets are better to be reduced: the tools that drain your battery life incredibly, since they work around the clock to constantly update information, so we find that there are tips from experts to always turn them off.

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