“I’m still shaking” .. the French champion saved lives with a call

After the French authorities announced the collapse of a building, Saturday, in the city of Lille in northern France, the details of the accident began to appear to the public.

The province of Lille said the building in the city center was vacated overnight, after a man from the outside saw cracks appearing in the structure and alerted emergency services of the problem.

The governorate also stated that the firefighters responded immediately to the man’s words, and imposed a security cordon around the danger area, and found that the building was divided into commercial and residential parts.

Save lives

In addition, Mayor of Lille Martin Aubry told French “BFMTV” that this man’s behavior saved lives, saying: “I am still shivering because if this man had not come home at three in the morning and called us, we would not have received a response.” This act, obviously, would have resulted in deaths.”

Aubrey added that the man warned the municipal police and firefighters who decided to evacuate the building, believing that there was a real danger.

start investigation

It is noteworthy that the search operations continued on Saturday to ensure that there were no injuries before the investigation began into the cause of the sudden collapse of a building under construction that includes two buildings in the morning, on Pierre Moroy Street in the French city of Lille, before the opening of shops.

The stricken building was located at 42 and 44 rue Pierre Moroy, downtown Lille, and collapsed around 9.15 am, and housed a library and a clothing store.

The city’s municipality confirmed that the building luckily collapsed before the influx of pedestrians filling this very busy street.

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