If you were looking for a mid-ranger, would you buy the Realme 10?


A52s and nova 9 are among the best mid-range phones


It’s no longer about Realme, they call Oppo like Oneplus.


Mills, 49 minutes agoI agree that most people say no, the Helio G99 doesn’t look that bad. With 8 giga r… additionalStop, Realme 10 screen from this rubbish is very dull with faded colors Realme 8i with IPS panel works better, why laugh at Realme customers fidels while you cheat on your flagship smartphone 👎🗑️


Of course this Series 10 is a complete failure, if it is smart, Realme admits it and corrects its wrong marketing strategy and gets another chance with the upcoming Series 11, Realme will surely spoil its reputation in the smartphone market and be rude elsewhere.


I’ll get an old used phone instead.

LG G8S in good condition for about 80 euros in my country, the phone recently got Android 12, 3.5 mm jack, OLED, good stereo speakers, microSD expansion, main / telephoto and ultra HD camera, powerful audio across the face and physical. Fingerprint scanner and Snapdragon 855 processor.

Is it old? Yes, but a better buy than new existing midrangers.

LG is no exception to the rule, there are a lot of previous flagships that are faster and have received some additional updates, while they are cheaper than these.

So no, I will not advise anyone to buy this Realme.


I agree that most people say no, the Helio G99 doesn’t look that bad. I mean, with 8GB of RAM (and DRAM), the screen and hardware don’t look that bad. We didn’t get any kind of material, but it’s possible that the cameras did some work.

Bbk should only focus on OnePlus and Oxygen Os


This phone is a joke and anti-innovation


Not great!!! Better to stick with Realme 8


Also, the significantly discounted Realme 10 is a waste of money. I will buy 230 packs of popcorn. IDK though, what am I going to do with it, but I think it’s still a better deal than the heavily discounted Realme 10


Realme wants to die young.


I’m curious if the Pixel 7a is a 5-inch device. I wouldn’t pay for a brick in my pocket


I need 5G, not coverage speed, because my carrier is adding 5G now, two years ago.


No I prefer pogo

No apology.
helio g99 is d810 without 5g😂😂
And uw game does not disappoint. What a waste to use in a 2MB format. 1 back camera is enough, no depth sensor needed!!! Isn’t it difficult to design a single rear camera system??? Perhaps they put more effort into designing the Realme c30.

Should this be a question?


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