If they drop an atomic bomb, we will not back down from preventing women’s education

The Taliban’s Minister of Higher Education, Muhammad Nadeem, said on Sunday that “if they drop an atomic bomb on us, we will not back down” from the decision to ban university education for women.

He added, “We are ready for sanctions imposed on us by the international community.”

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, condemned Sunday The Taliban’s decision to prevent women from working in non-governmental organizations domestic and international in Afghanistan.

Borrell said in a statement that the European Union, as one of the largest providers of humanitarian aid and the basic needs of the Afghan people, calls on the Taliban to immediately reverse its decision, as part of its commitment to respect international humanitarian law and principles.

The statement added that the European Union will assess the impact of the decision on continuing to provide assistance to the Afghan people.

And 3 foreign relief organizations announced, on Sunday, that they would suspend their work in Afghanistan, after the Taliban ordered all non-governmental organizations to prevent their female employees from working, according to a statement.

“Pending clarity on this announcement, we will suspend our programming, asking men and women to continue equally providing our life-saving assistance to Afghanistan,” said the joint statement issued by Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council and CARE.

On Saturday, the Taliban had issued orders to non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan to prevent them from employing women, without specifying whether this includes foreign workers. The movement justified the decision by not following the appropriate dress code, including the hijab, and threatened to suspend the licenses of organizations that do not implement the decision. The move drew condemnation from the international community and fears of its impact on the delivery of aid, and comes as part of a series of decisions taken by the movement restricting the freedom and rights of women in the country.

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