If I don’t like the dress code for the Cairo Festival, I won’t go!

After she confused everyone about her response to Artist Hussein Fahmy Regarding the dress code of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival, which is scheduled to start this month, she said: Actress Rania Youssef She won’t go to the festival if she doesn’t like the dress code.

She explained to “Al-Arabiya.net” the truth of her position, saying: “I did not speak or say anything, they asked me what I would wear, and I asked what the dress code was, and they told me a suit, so I said let’s see what the suit looks like, and I didn’t say anything but that, everyone has a suit.” An idea, a method, or he has a point of view in his life, and this is something that must be respected. Every one has an idea and a method, and he has a point of view in his life, and this is normal. About myself but no one else.

Back to the stage

After an absence of 20 years, the artist Rania Youssef decided to return to the stage with the great theater director Amr Dawara. A new and different role that she did not present before, including the work that re-meet them with Sumaya al-Khashab 21 years after their first meeting in the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”.

Raniya Yousif

Raniya Yousif

“Gypsy Moon”

Regarding her decision to return to the theater, she confirmed that the theatrical movement in the recent period was a strong motive for her to stand on stage again, saying, “It is time to focus and pay attention to state theaters, as happens in all countries of the world, I love theater so much that I travel continuously to England to watch works The theater was there, and I was very jealous, so when I felt the theatrical movement in Egypt and the Arab world, I decided to include in my art archive several theatrical performances, in addition to the works that I present in cinema and television, in addition to working with the great director Amr Dawara.

Rania Youssef’s new theatrical work will be called “Qamar al-Ghajar”, which is inspired by the play “Qamar Bint al-Ghajar” by writer Mahmoud Makki.

Snapshot from a movie set "tarot"

Screenshot from the movie “The Tarot”

The movie “The Tarot” and Sumaya al-Khashab

And about her new movie “The Tarot”, she said that it is one of the special films for her because it restores the cooperation between her and the artist Sumaya Al-Khashab after many years since they presented together “Hajj Metwally” in 2001, praising the latter’s performance, saying: Sumaya Al-Khashab is a talented artist and deals very professionally, and we have chemistry Artistic.

She pointed out that the work was written by Moataz Al-Mufti and directed by Abram Nashaat, and it is one of the films that bear an important issue, which is harassment and rape of children, as we are trying to confront this crisis, especially since society suffers from it in recent years, as the story of the film penetrates new worlds, and is exposed to an important issue.

Raniya Yousif

Raniya Yousif

schizophrenic girl

Regarding her role in the film, she said that she embodies in the film the role of a girl named “Mary”, who is a religious and upbringing character, but she suffers from schizophrenia and lives in severe psychological struggles, following an accident she suffered in her childhood, the character may seem simple in her external appearance, but she is internally complex, She added that the work revolves around 3 girls who suffer an accident that affects their lives.

Rania Youssef expects this work to achieve the cinematic equation of combining high revenues at the box office, and competition in international festivals, especially since director Ebram Nashat has been making huge efforts since the first reading rehearsals and during filming.

Horror movie “King”

And about her new movie “Malak”, she has already started filming many scenes during the last period, through the horror drama in the character “King”, which she embodies and she has a gift from God to see future events, as the character has the ability to foresee and predict events before they happen Through her son who suffers from a rare disease, an ability that is not found in those around her, and this causes her a lot of problems in her life, and Nidal Al-Shafei and Muhammad Al-Shaqqiri participate in the film, written and directed by Ayman Rifai.

“Two for rent”

As for her third movie in the current period, it is “Two for Rent”, and she will be present as a guest of honor with the artists Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Tharwat. During the events, she embodies the character of a famous actress. A number of comic situations happen between her and Bayoumi and Tharwat.

On her cooperation with parties that are experiencing their first experiences in production, she said that they always welcome young talents, explaining that this generation has knowledge of new technology and platforms, and therefore is aware of what is being done abroad.

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