I sent it to Taiwan.. What are the capabilities of the Chinese fighter “J”?

After the Ministry of Defense announced in TaiwanToday, Thursday, it pushed combat planes to push back 39 Chinese planes, all of which turned out to be “J-16”.

China has more than 3,000 warplanes, including 1,200 fighters, including the “J-16”, which belongs to the fourth generation aircraft.

The J-16 was also designed based on the design of the Russian Su-30 MKK, according to the American Military Factory website, which indicated that it is classified as a multi-tasking warplane.

The site pointed out that the “J-16” can carry out aerial bombardment missions, in addition to engaging enemy aircraft in air battles.

The J-16 was produced in 2013 and is only used by the Chinese Air Force.

What are the technical specifications of the plane?

It is 22 meters long, and the distance between the two ends of the wings is 15 meters.

As for the height, it reaches 6.35 meters, and the weight without load: 17.7 tons.

Chinese aircraft carriers (Shutterstock)

Chinese aircraft carriers (Shutterstock)

While the take-off weight: 35 tons, the maximum speed is estimated at 2450 km / h, and the flight altitude: 17 thousand and 300 meters. And also the range: 3 thousand kilometers.

It has up to 12 suspension points, and its armament includes a 30 mm internal machine gun, (air-to-air) missiles, laser-guided and unguided bombs, as well as anti-ship missiles.

Chinese military force includes 39 aircraft

It is noteworthy that the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense announced, Thursday, the monitoring of a Chinese military force comprising 39 warplanes near the island.

The Taiwanese navy conducted military exercises using foreign weapons during the annual Han Kuang exercises, at sea near Suao Seaport in Yilan County.

It also included the aircraft that Taiwan said it had detected, the Chinese “J-16”.

Since 1949, Taiwan has been administered independently of mainland China, of which the island is an inalienable part.

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