I participated in the World Cup Qatar song… Sharp criticism of Myriam Fares’s dance

The Lebanese star was exposed Myriam Fares She was criticized for her performance and her clothes, after she appeared dancing in the manner of the international artist, Shakira, with a song promoting the 2022 World Cup.

The Lebanese producer, Wassim Salibi, published a video clip, behind the scenes of filming the song called (Tukoh Taka), which brings together Myriam Fares, the stars Nicki Minaj, and Maluma, on the occasion of the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

While social networking sites circulated part of her participation (me and longing), while she was dancing and singing in Arabic, saying, “Peace be upon you. Leave the joy in your hands. Good tidings come to you. Viva love guides you and fulfills your aspirations.”

“Shakira copy”

On the other hand, a large number of the audience attacked the performance of the Lebanese star, as she danced in the manner of the Colombian star Shakira, noting that it is a copy of the latter, but very badly.

A large number of social media activists also criticized the dance suit that Fares adopted in the song, noting that it does not reflect the Arab identity because the World Cup is being held in Qatar.

“little words”

In addition, many followers did not like the song’s lyrics, noting that it was (very poor) not up to the status of a global occasion.

It is noteworthy that the owner of (Qawmi) participates with the Trinidadian Nicki Minaj and the Colombian Maluma, in performing the song “Toko Taka” on the occasion of the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in English, Spanish and Arabic.

FIFA announced the release of the new song “Tukoh Taka” on November 18, noting that it was produced by “Universal Arabic Music” to be the official song of the FIFA Official Fan Festival, and it is included in the list of official music releases for the World Cup. Qatar 2022.

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