“I love you, Mom.” How did the Moroccan national team use the strategy of “bringing families”?

Morocco’s players share the fame of the World Cup with some of their biggest fans… their mothers.

Many Moroccan players took their mothers and family members to Qatar and celebrated with them in the stadiums after the team’s surprising string of victories.

Midfielder Sofiane Boufal danced with his mother on the field after Morocco beat Portugal 1-0 on Saturday, becoming the first Arab and African team to reach the World Cup semi-finals.

As for defender Ashraf Hakimi, he posted pictures on social media of his mother kissing him on the cheek after he scored the decisive penalty against Spain in the round of 16 last week. “I love you mom,” Hakimi wrote.

Social media users also shared a funny and beautiful video clip of Hakimi minutes after the great victory over Belgium 2-0 in the group stage.

The video shows Hakimi taking off his shirt and gifting it to his mother, who attended the match in the stadium, before the young star exchanged arms with his mother in a happy scene.

Even coach Walid Regragui was celebrating with his mother, and he jumped into the stands after the Spain match to embrace her, among the joyful Moroccan fans.

The coach said, “We represent Morocco, we have an image that we have to spread to the world. And because the World Cup is the best showcasing opportunity, we want to show our players and how close we are to our families. This is part of our culture, where we come from.”

Rekragui added that bringing families to the World Cup is part of the team’s strategy to perform at the highest level.

He continued, “We thought about this with the team, and we thought about details such as bringing our family members in an attempt to raise the morale of the team, and this helped us reach this stage in the tournament.”

On Wednesday, Morocco will face defending champions France in the semi-finals.

For his part, midfielder Elias Shaer said that the support of families means everything to the team.

“My parents and my wife came… and I think all the other players have parents and family members here as well,” he said. “It gave us a lot of strength and I hope it stays that way, when you see the post-match videos of the players with their families, it feels great. And you see the people.” Their eyes teared up.”

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