“I am not your maid” .. A flight attendant’s video arouses sympathy on the communication sites

The insulting of a flight attendant during a flight from Istanbul to New Delhi sparked the sympathy of millions of social media pioneers in India, according to the “India” website.Indian Express“.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the CEO of the airline “IndiGo”, Sanjeev Kapoor, expressed his support for the air hostess, who was seen in a video clip watched by millions, arguing violently with a passenger, and telling him that she was an employee and not his servant.

“As I said earlier, cabin crew are people too,” Kapoor said in a tweet.

The incident occurred on December 16, when a passenger complained about the catering service, to get very angry at one of the flight attendants who was trying to explain to him the controls and rules for serving meals on the plane.

Shortly after, another flight attendant came to enter into a fierce argument with that traveler, whose image was not visible in the video clip, saying: “My colleague entered into a crying fit because of your behavior.”

After that, the two parties entered into a wave of intense discussion, so that the passenger’s voice would rise: “Why are you screaming, you maid?”

And here the hostess replies: “I am shouting because you did the same. We are employees, not servants.”

And she continued, while one of the flight attendants was trying to calm down the situation: “I am not sorry, sir.. and you cannot talk to the crew in this way.. I listen to you with all respect and friendliness.. but in return, you must respect the flight crew as well.”

Commenting on the incident, the company, “Indigo”, said that the accident occurred on flight 6E 12, explaining that “the problem is related to meals chosen by some passengers.”

She added, “We understand the needs of our customers, and we always strive to provide them with a pleasant and hassle-free journey.. We are investigating the accident, and we would like to confirm that the comfort of passengers has always been our top priority.”

As for Kapoor, he added in his tweet: “It must have reached a breaking point until what happened… Over the years, I’ve seen aircrews beaten, insulted, described as servants, and even worse.”

He added, “I hope that (the host) is well, despite the pressures she was subjected to.”

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