I am not jealous of my husband’s success..and I am afraid that they will envy us!

She appeared again during the past few days after a long time, to support her husband, the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, who is participating in his movie “19 B” at the Cairo International Film Festival, denying all the rumors that circulated for a long time about their divorce and other disturbing details for them. She is the artist, Hanadi Muhanna, who is eagerly awaiting the presentation of 3 of her works.

In her interview with Al-Arabiya.net, on the sidelines of the festival, she confirmed that she is seeking to reach the world and that she is fluent in many languages ​​that help her in that, but at the same time she considers it a provision from God.

Actress Hanadi Muhanna

Actress Hanadi Muhanna

* Were you at the Cairo International Film Festival to be with your husband?

** Certainly, Ahmed is participating in the movie “19 B”, which is shown in the official competition of the Cairo International Film Festival, and my role is to support him and stand with him as his wife. I hope he achieves great success all the time, and I will be happy with any success he achieves. When he is offered any work, I am happier and more enthusiastic than him, and I reject what is said that there is jealousy towards Ahmed’s success, for there is no room for competition between us. But I hope he succeeds more than me and I will be very happy and excited to support him as if the role is mine, or as if I participate in his championship and not him.

* Many rumors spread about a divorce between you?

**It has become very funny for me, as I am most of the time with my husband, or they are busy filming. In fact, I say that it is better that they are busy talking, and let their imagination run wild that we are at odds, than that they envy us for what we are in.

Hanadi Muhanna and her husband, artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh

Hanadi Muhanna and her husband, artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh

* With your presence at the Cairo International Film Festival, do you not wish to reach the world like many young actors?

* Of course, there is no actor who does not wish to reach universality, as it is a provision from God Almighty, and if I do what is required of me, I participate in many personal tests in the event that there are strong technical experiences that push me to do so. And if you write to me, it will happen, God willing. In addition to my acting abilities, I have two cultures, as one half is from Egypt and the other is from France. This makes me understand the differences between the two cultures and the way they work, and the state of openness in Europe and the way they work. I am also fluent in 3 languages, French, Spanish and English.

* A large number of artists and directors refuse to see their work.. Do you see the works that you present?

** Of course, I watch all my works to learn from the mistakes I make and try to avoid them in the upcoming works, and not repeat them again, for example, that I speak very quickly, so I took training courses and other things that help me develop my performance.

What do you think of team tournaments?

** I prefer very collective experiences, especially if you have the opportunity to participate with talented actors, as this enhances the chances of success and adds a lot to me, and I think that I am not currently thinking about absolute heroism, because I am trying to benefit from the experiences of representatives of my generation who rushed and searched for absolute heroism and did not achieve it. desired success.

Actress Hanadi Muhanna

Actress Hanadi Muhanna

* You have a lot of works that you are waiting to be shown, including the movie “Eid Night”.. Tell us about it

** One of the cinematic works that is very important to me, and I am eagerly awaiting its presentation, as I present a popular character completely different from me, and I present it for the first time in its form, and all its details, even the way it speaks. Therefore, I am excited to show it in the cinema, as it presents many women’s issues in a dramatic framework, through the suffering of several women who live on an island, and women are exposed to many problems and crises because some men do not understand their rights.

I am also happy in this work and excited about it because of my participation with a large group of stars in this work, including the artist Yousra, who I previously participated with, because I love her very much and love working with her and it is a great honor for me to be with her in a work of art.

Actress Hanadi Muhanna

Actress Hanadi Muhanna

* You also participate in the series “Seeb and I leave” .. right?

** I participate in it, but not as one of the heroes, but appeared in its events as a guest of honor, where I embody the role of Ahmed Al-Saadani’s sister, who appears as the husband of Hana Al-Zahid. The series takes place in a social and comic framework, and it is shown through the “Shahid Vip” platform, and the events take place during only 10 episodes.

What about the series “Golden Egg”?

** We finished filming it a long time ago, and we are also waiting for it to be shown on one of the digital platforms, as the work consists of only 13 episodes, and I was attracted to it by the idea that the whole work depends on youth heroism, as Islam Ibrahim, Muhammad Jumaa, Salah Abdullah, and Nancy participate with me. Salah, Sami Maghawry, Ahmed El-Bassa and a number of other artists. The work is the idea of ​​Ibrahim’s Islam, supervised by Amin Jamal, and written by Muhammad Abu Al-Saad, Walid Abu Al-Majd and Ibrahim Rabie. Its events take place in a comic framework, and deals with the idea of ​​talent that distinguishes a person from others.

* What is the difference between participating in the work of 10 episodes and the work of 30 episodes?

** There is no big difference between the two works, the most important thing is that the elements of success are available, but in general the 10-episode series is characterized by a greater intensification of events.

* In the scenes of the series “Maktoub Alia”, we saw you assisting director Khaled Al-Halafawi sometimes.. and teaching models some performances.. Are you thinking of directing?

** Personally, I like to learn new things all the time, specifically matters related to the profession, and I want to learn editing and directing. As for performances, of course I hope to present them in a work of art, but they must be done in a distinctive and new way, and in general I love all roles that contain work and effort.

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