Hungarian prime minister angers neighboring countries over ‘Greater Hungary’ scarf

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has angered neighboring countries by wearing a scarf with a pre-World War I map of his country, including parts annexed to Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Ukraine, according to the newspaper “Hungary”.The Times” British.

According to the provisions of the “Trianon Agreement” signed on June 4 of the year 1920, which entered into force on the 31st of the year 1921, Hungary lost 75% of its area compared to its area while it was within the former “Austria-Hungary” empire.

Most of these lands were devolved at the time to Romania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, thus finding about 33% of people of Hungarian descent themselves in other countries.

Orban’s official Facebook page recently published a video showing the right-wing leader greeting Hungarian soccer players wearing a scarf with a map of his country before World War I, while attending a match between the Hungarian national team and its Greek counterpart.

Orban said in that video clip that the Hungarian national team is “the team of all Hungarians, wherever they are,” adding: “Football is not politics.”

Romania expressed its “strong disapproval” of Orban wearing that scarf, while Ukraine demanded an official apology.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry stated that “any revisionist drawing (of the map of Hungary), no matter what form it takes, is unacceptable because it contradicts the reality and the joint commitments undertaken by Romania and Hungary.”

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said Kyiv would summon Hungary’s ambassador to “inform him of the unacceptability of Viktor Orban’s behavior”.

And he added in a post on Facebook: “Promoting any revisionist ideas (regarding changing the map) in Hungary does not contribute to the development of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations and is not compatible with the principles of European politics.”

This is not the first time Orban has caused tension by referring to “Greater Hungary”. In 2020, he published a picture of a globe showing the borders of the Kingdom of Hungary before the end of World War I, angering countries such as Croatia and Romania.

Orban was previously widely criticized in the European Union for restricting media freedom and the rights of minorities.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Orban has repeatedly curbed EU sanctions on the Kremlin and called for peace negotiations between Moscow and Washington. He appears to have been rewarded with additional Russian gas shipments to Hungary.

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung commented that Orban used to play with his country’s map, saying: “When neighboring countries get angry, Budapest pretends surprise and innocence, claiming that it is just a representation of a previous case and has nothing to do with current politics.”

She added, “The fact that Orban does not refrain from such provocations so far is a scandal because he is still cozying up to the war criminal Putin.”

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