How Ukrainian President Zelensky arrived in Washington?

Zelensky upon his arrival in Washington

image copyright EPA

The extraordinary measures taken to transfer Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from Ukraine to the US capital demonstrate how important the relationship between the two countries is to both sides.

After visiting the front in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, Zelensky’s trip to Washington DC began with an overnight train to Poland before boarding a US Air Force plane, backed by a NATO spy plane and F-15 fighter jet.

Reports of a visit to Washington began circulating earlier this week, but were not confirmed until early Wednesday morning, when US officials were certain the Ukrainian president was safely on his way to the US capital.

The visit was discussed for months but final preparations were made quickly, with the two presidents talking about it on December 11 and Zelensky being invited three days later. Once the visit is confirmed, start implementing the final plans.

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