How to organize contacts into lists on iPhone and iPad

extend/ Apple introduced the iOS 16 update on its devices in September, which introduces a large number of new features, as the update included features such as customization, widgets for the lock screen, copying text from videos, and much more.

However, it also brought about a number of other somewhat more subtle changes to Apple’s mobile operating system, one of which is the ability to create contact lists in the Contacts app.

Prior to iOS 16, Apple device users had to use a Mac or the iCloud website to create contact lists, but with iOS 16, this can be done directly on the iPhone and iPad, and it can be a great way to group contacts into categories such as friends, family, co-workers, clients, etc. till then.

In addition, iPhone and iPad users can send an email to everyone on a particular list, which not only makes it easier to find contacts, but also easier to communicate with them. Here’s how to create and use the contact list feature on iPhone and iPad: –

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone or iPad.

-Tap on the menus option available in the upper left corner of the Contacts interface.

-The Menus option will be available in the sidebar button if you are using an iPad.

– Tap on the Add List button available at the top-right corner.

Then choose an account (iCloud is the default).

Enter the list name.

-Click on the option to add contacts.

-Click the Done button after selecting the contacts you want to add.

iPhone and iPad users can send emails or text messages to everyone in the contact list as soon as they are created, and they can click on the mail icon in the upper right corner of the list to send them an email. In addition, users can click on the lists option, and long press Long on the desired list, and choose the Messages All option from the popup to send a group message to everyone.


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