How to download the original GTA V game for Android 2023, Grand Theft Auto 5 version, complete without software

The study of the first semester has ended in most Arab countries, and students are looking for an entertainment game, specifically Grand Theft Auto 5. They are also looking for a way to download the original GTA V game for Android, in order to enjoy the process through the mobile phone without entering the computer, running the game, and sitting in front of the screen for long periods. But on the mobile phone, playing is easier and more enjoyable, and with the earphones turned on, the game will be more interesting, and today, through the following article, all GTA 5 download information for Android will be presented in an official and fast way through the official website of the game without resorting to external sites that may harm your calculations.

Download the original GTA V game for Android

The best mobile games that work freely are the new Grand Theft Auto 5, updated 2023, and through the following steps, obtaining Download GTA 5 MOBILE.

  • The first step is to connect the phone to the Internet.
  • The login is also done through the Google Chrome browser.
  • You can now do a search by name ROCKSTAR GAMES.
  • The site is also searched for the original GTA V game.
  • Where many versions of the game appear, where Grand Theft Auto 5 can be selected, including the Android version.
  • And now the moment to pay the game fee, which is estimated at about 35 Saudi riyals, and it is paid electronically by Visa or Master Card, and some countries allow payment by Paypal.
  • After the successful payment process, a direct download link will appear. You can now click on it and the process will be completed Download GTA 5 MOBILE for Android.
Download GTA 5 MOBILE

Terms of downloading GTA 5 for Android, the new update 2023

We advise not to download the game before checking the specifications of the phone, as downloading the original GTA V game for Android does not support all phones.

  • 7 GB of hard space inside the phone.
  • Also 6 GB of RAM to ensure proper operation.
  • The phone performance analysis wizard can work a little on medium categories, but a larger category is recommended to ensure that the game runs smoothly and without overheating the phone, which may harm the phone.
  • The graphics of the game are of high quality, as cars, buildings, and people appear almost real. This requires a powerful graphics processor, and it is recommended that the Adreno 30 processor and above be used.
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 works on Android 10 to the current Android 12.

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