How to block spam calls on the iPhone?

Many people suffer from the phenomenon of random calls, which are for the purpose of creating a monument to the future of communication, or with the aim of marketing a product, without the prior permission of the owner of the line to communicate.

With the increase in this phenomenon, the annoyance of mobile phone users increased, so that the Google search engine witnessed a noticeable increase in the question “How do I block random calls?”, so here are several ways in which you can thwart random calls on an iPhone, according to (Sky News).

Use the “Silence Unknown Callers” feature

And you can take advantage of the “Silence Unknown Callers” feature to keep annoying callers away, a feature that blocks numbers that have not called you before, and it also blocks people who are not saved in your contacts list, and to activate this feature on the iPhone Go to “Settings”, then “Phone”, then turn on “Silence Unknown Callers”.

Silence Junk Callers will do the same thing, but it is available depending on the carrier that serves the phone.

Use third-party apps to filter bot calls

There are plenty of third-party apps that you can use to block spam calls and one of the most popular apps that iPhone users are interested in is Truecaller.

Download TrueCaller from the Apple App Store and launch it.

Press Next several times to complete the setup slideshow.

Click Get Started.

Follow the instructions for turning on all TrueCaller toggles via the Settings app.


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