How does a factory reset work for the iPhone?

As iPhones are one of the most secure smartphone systems and highlight the need, factory reset iPhone is one of the most sought-after topics on the internet to determine the correct method of formatting for iOS devices. To protect the data and information of the phones owners, and through the following article on the site, we will also learn about the best ways to factory reset iPhones.

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How to restore iPhone to factory settings?

There are many ways to know how to factory reset iPhone, but before applying these methods, you should make sure that you backup all your data and information on the phone before deleting it. Perform a factory reset. The data can be saved or backed up via your iCloud or through Find me to make sure you can get this information back at any time, resetting is done with the following steps. As follows:

  • Enter the settings or settings on the phone.
  • Go to the end of the list in Settings by clicking on the General or General option.
  • Click on the Reset button.
  • After the factory reset screen appears, tap Delete for all content and phone settings.
  • When you reach full tolerance, the phone shows a warning that all the contents of the phone will be erased and cannot be restored.
  • After confirming the deletion, the phone and iPhone system begin to completely erase all media, data and information, and it takes a few minutes.
  • After the scan is over, the phone system starts working again but it won’t work without the old data or iCloud that you deleted.

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Steps to backup iPhone

Before we learn the correct way to factory reset the iPhone, we must take the steps to backup the phone data before erasing it completely and wiping it from the phone and this is done by following the following. steps:

Backup on ITUNES

  • This step is done by confirming the sync between the phone and your iOS PC.
  • We go to the official Apple page and go to your iCloud.
  • Press the dedicated data backup button.

Backup on Mac

  • The phone is connected to or synced with a Mac computer.
  • Enter the image or the main page of the searcher.
  • You have to select the iPhone you want to duplicate.
  • Click Start to back up.

Make a copy in iCloud

  • Enter the phone settings.
  • Sign in to iCloud.
  • Click iCloud Backup.
  • Start making the copy automatically.

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Steps to disable iCloud account or Find my iPhone

By learning how to factory reset iPhone, we can easily explain the steps to disable iCloud account or find my iPhone, these steps are performed in the following ways:

  • Enter the phone settings.
  • Choose your own name, this step may not be available if you are using the older version of iOS.
  • Click on the iCloud tab.
  • Click Find my iPhone.
  • We change the selection in Find My iPhone from On to Off.
  • Click Find my iPhone to go back to the previous options and confirm your Apple ID selection.
  • Select Sign out.
  • Enter your Apple account or iCloud account password.

Guides and pointers for the phone reset process

Once you know how to factory reset your iPhone, you can now know the right time to start factory resetting your phone, the most important of these signs are:

  • Inability to respond quickly when sending text messages over the phone.
  • Slow reaction when turning on the camera.
  • Some applications cannot be used properly on the phone.
  • Some of the apps on the phone have disappeared.

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Through the previous article, we learned how to factory reset your iPhone and the importance of resetting your phone to factory settings, and we also showed the signs that we know it is a good time to wipe and wipe them all. phone data correctly after backing up that data.

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