How do I change the username on Snap and ways to add friends

How do I change my username on Snapchat? There are a lot of people who use social networking sites on Snapchat who want to change their username, but Snapchat does not provide this service to users for security reasons, as well as refusing to transfer someone’s data from one account to another. Otherwise, it is possible to change the username by creating a new Snapchat account.

Use Snapchat

  • Snapchat is a fun and entertaining program where different photos and videos can be taken by pressing the camera button in a small circle at the bottom of the program interface so that we take pictures and when it comes to video we print and record the video continuously.
  • For this to happen, it is possible to switch between the rear or front cameras by double-tapping the screen or tapping the camera icon that hears the movement between them.
  • When we record a video by pressing and holding and the set time of the video expires, another video is loaded at the same time, and it cannot be returned to the trash by permanently deleting the unsuitable videos by saving multiple videos and choosing between them easily.
  • It is also distinctive that we put filters to beautify photos and videos, and this is done by dragging the screen from the left or right side, and it is easy to change the filter and there are many filters that change from time to time in the program and we choose and save the appropriate filter for the photo or video

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Snapchat damage

  • Thanks to this application, friends exchange some messages between themselves and there is a service to permanently delete the message after sending it to both parties so that the other person cannot know that message and this happens within 10 seconds.
  • Among the dangers to which the site is exposed is that it can be accessed easily, which poses a danger to users.
  • We can search for people on the site and find out all their information from the database on Snapchat.
  • And the existence of a hacker of the site that allows him to keep all the photos, files and all the videos in a private account even if you delete them constantly, which led to not many people using Snapchat.

Snapchat features

  • Get to know new friends and the different cultures among them, and learn about everything that is happening around the world among celebrities on all social networking sites.
  • We take many unique photos, draw on them, record funny and funny videos and share them with our friends.
  • It is one of the easiest applications out there because it has a simple program interface that is easy to learn in a very short time.
  • Diaries of celebrities and friends can be viewed through the stories they post daily.
  • We can easily see who has viewed our stories.

Change your display name on Snapchat

Changing your username on the Snapchat website is now easy by following these steps:

  • We go to the application menu, launch the Snapchat application and log in to the site.
  • We click on the custom profile picture which is at the top of the program interface.
  • Then we click on Settings and the button is in the form of gears.
  • We click on the name word to change the name and surname.
  • After changing the name, we click on the word Save so that the name can be changed easily.

Change someone else’s last name in a Snap

Snapchat offers a variety of services for you to easily identify and distinguish them when it comes to making a friend, and one of these services is to change the name of a friend through the steps below.

  • We open the Snapchat website on mobile.
  • We click on the Snapchat form in the program’s interface.
  • Then we click on my friends, and then we choose the friend whose last name you want to change.
  • We enter the settings that will appear next to the name.
  • Some options will appear, we click on the option to modify the name.
  • A box will appear with the name we want for the person.
  • The last step is to click on the word Save so that the address can be changed easily.

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Hide your username on Snapchat

There is no obvious way by which a person can hide their username but there are some steps by which we can easily hide the name with the below steps.

  • We are running Snapchat on a mobile device.
  • Then we click on the profile picture at the top of the program interface.
  • We also click on the name displayed in the personal account.
  • We change the name and write another name that hides the identity of the so-called pseudonym.
  • Then we delete the last name and press save.

How to add friends on Snapchat

There are many ways to add followers and friends to Snapchat, including:

  • We log into the program on the mobile phone.
  • We pull down the camera screen below to go to the personal account page on the site.
  • When you click on My Friends, a list of your current friends will appear.
  • We click on the name list window at the top of the program interface.
  • Enable the permissions required for Snapchat to use your mobile contact list.
  • We will see the search results that Snapchat displays and then we will be able to add the friends we want to follow.
  • In this case, a request will be sent to our friends and they are waiting for the friend request to be approved and to share activities together.

Save different screenshots

Users of the software on the mobile device can keep some different and varied snapshots on the phone through the following steps.

  • We open the Snapchat website.
  • We take a nice photo, then press the circular button at the bottom of the program’s interface and if we hold it down, it takes a video.
  • If the image is not suitable, it can be deleted by pressing the X at the top.
  • With the clock icon on the right, it is possible to specify the time taken to take the photo.
  • Click the arrow below to save the image.

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Send a snapshot

Photos and many videos can be shared between friends and followers, and we keep them in our private status.

  • We create our own snapshot and highlight, then click the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen to open the submission page.
  • We choose the friends and people we want to send Snaps to.
  • Having determined it, we click on the arrow below the snap.

Use lenses and filters

There are many different filters and lenses that can be used on Snapchat in the steps below.

  • We press the face button to open the lenses.
  • We click and move to select the appropriate candidate.
  • Then we press the button to take a circular photo at the bottom.

At the end of our article, we have introduced How to Change Username in Snap and many more features of Snapchat.

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