How did quantum theories dominate Tik Tok?

At first glance, the video looks like a regular news summary. “So, there are scientists who have won the Nobel Prize in Physics,” says TikTok creator Sami Moog. And then the clipping starts to jam. “Your imagination is literally creating your own personal quantum field, building everything around you,” Mogg says. By the end of the clip, Moog discusses the conformity of desires and the embodiment of changes in reality in accordance with vibrations. Moog’s video is a classic example of quantum spirituality (or quantum mysticism), which involves linking a range of metaphysical beliefs and spiritual worldviews with quantum mechanics. An example is Deepak Chopra’s “quantum theory”, which says that humans are able to control the speed of their aging using only their mental abilities. Over the years, physicists have deplored what they describe as the misapplication of quantum physics principles to self-help topics that are not related to them, or as famously described by California Institute of Technology Nobel Prize winner Murray Gell-Mann: “quantum bullshit.” But nonsense content is widespread on Tik Tok. Moog’s video “How to Change Your Quantum Field” is part of a torrent of videos with the hashtag #QuantumPhysics and #NobelPrize on the app, hashtags that have racked up more than 207 million views on the platform. Hundreds of these “quantum” scientific passages claim that quantum cosmology allows humans to

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