How can the magnetic field help explain the formation of the Earth-Moon system?

There are many theories about how the Earth and the Moon formed, and most of them involve a giant collision. To understand how the Earth and the Moon formed, scientists at the University of Leeds and the University of Chicago analyzed the dynamics of fluid flow (fluids and gases) and electrically conductive fluids, and concluded that the Earth is supposed to be magnetized. Either before the collision or as a result of it.

According to RT, scientists claim that this could help narrow down theories of Earth and Moon formation. The results of this work were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Professor David Hughes, an applied mathematician in the University of Leeds School of Mathematics, said: “Our new idea is that our theoretical understanding of the Earth’s magnetic field today can tell us something about the formation of the Earth-Moon system. At first glance, this seems somewhat surprising, and theories have not been recognized. precedent on this important potential link.

This new assessment is based on the elasticity of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is maintained by a rotating, electrically conductive fluid in the outer core, known as a geodynamo.

Professor Fausto Cattaneo, an astrophysicist at the University of Chicago, explained: “A distinctive feature of the Earth’s dynamo is that it can maintain a strong magnetic field but not amplify a weak field.”

So the scientists concluded that if the Earth’s magnetic field were shut down, or even reduced to a very small level, it wouldn’t have the ability to shoot again.

Professor Cattaneo added: “It is this remarkable feature that allows us to make inferences about the history of the early Earth, including, probably, how the moon was formed.”

Professor Hughes added: “If this is true, then we have to think, where did the Earth’s magnetic field come from in the first place? Our hypothesis is that it reached this strange state in the beginning, either before the impact or as an immediate result of the impact. Either way, it must include Any realistic model of the formation of the Earth-Moon system and the evolution of the magnetic field.”

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