“His health condition is difficult.” A Jordanian artist is attacked in Cairo and his country is suspended

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, on Monday, that it is following up on the health condition of a Jordanian artist who is in the intensive care department in an Egyptian hospital after he was attacked.

The artist was exposed to “conditions that are still under investigation by the Egyptian security authorities, on the basis of which he was taken to the hospital, on Saturday evening,” according to the statement of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry.

According to the statement, the Jordanian embassy in Cairo is in constant contact with the Egyptian security and health authorities regarding the health status of the Jordanian artist, as all necessary medical procedures and steps were taken for the citizen from the moment he arrived.

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry confirmed that it “is in constant coordination with the medical and security authorities in Egypt to ensure the provision of full health care to him, and the progress of the security investigation procedures regarding the truth of the incident, the nature and details of which are still under an Egyptian security investigation in full coordination with the Jordanian embassy in Cairo to take the necessary measures.”

In a post on his account on the site,FacebookOn Sunday, the captain of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, Muhammad Al-Abadi, revealed that the director and actor Ashraf Talfah was attacked in Egypt.

According to Al-Abadi, Talfah is lying in the hospital and his health is critical, as he suffers from “brain hemorrhage and coma.”

Jordanian artist’s photo

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