“His colleagues harassed him.” A new shooter in a Virginia supermarket

On Tuesday night, 6 people were killed in a shooting in a Walmart supermarket in the US state of Virginia, the municipality announced, referring to the death of the shooter.

In the new, a report revealed that the shooter’s colleagues may have pushed him to commit this act after harassing him about a change in his employment status, according to Newsweek.

Andre Bing, 31, has been identified as the gunman who police and witnesses said opened fire during a meeting in the break room shortly after 10 p.m.

Walmart said in a statement that he was an overnight team leader and had worked for the company since 2010.

statement on his phone

Although police have yet to release details about the motive for the shooting, local media reported that investigators found a statement on a Bing mobile phone that described how he had been upset about the recent change in employment status and being harassed by fellow employees.

While it was not clear what this change is.

No shield or windbreaker

Police said in a press release Wednesday that Bing was armed with one handgun and several ammunition. He was also dressed in civilian clothes without any type of body armor or bulletproof vest.

She also confirmed that investigators are “actively working to find out more about the suspect’s background and what may have motivated the shooting.”

From the scene of the shooting (AFP)

From the scene of the shooting (AFP)

A big problem

It is noteworthy that gun violence is a major problem in the United States, with more than 600 mass shootings taking place from 2022 until now, according to the “Archive of Gun Violence” website.

The mass shootings have reignited debate over gun controls, although little progress has been made in Congress on calls for reform.

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