“He’s lost.” Hear what Putin’s former speechwriter has to say about what his recent actions mean

In an interview with CNN, the Russian political analyst and former speechwriter for Vladimir Putin, Abbas Galliamov, explained the behavior of the Russian president and what could come out of Putin in the coming period.

“Putin is in a state of disarray, judging by his actions,” Galyamov said, adding that “physically he is in good shape, much better than in the spring, in April and May, but judging by his actions, he is behaving wrongly, irrationally. There is a lot.” Things that don’t make sense.”

The political analyst continued, “He appoints someone – he promotes someone and after a few months he demotes him. After that he gives a lot of power to Prigozhin and then reduces his power again, it’s the same with Medvedev and the prime minister. He seems kind of lost, he knows he has to act, But he doesn’t know what to do,” he said.

Galliamov pointed out that “the things he (Putin) has been doing for many years are accustomed to doing, but this is a different situation now,” stressing that the Russian president “needs a different kind of work, but he is unable to achieve it.”

Touching on the possibility of Putin canceling the upcoming presidential elections, Galliamov said: “He can really cancel the elections because he understands that without a victory over Ukraine, he will have real difficulty getting the majority of Russian votes. If he does not prove that he is strong, the Russians will not need him if he is not strong.” He might really declare martial law and cancel the elections.”


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