Here’s what the Galaxy S23 Ultra S-View Flip Cover looks like

the The entire Galaxy S23 lineup Currently leaked. Since the design is no longer a mystery, the leaks are now focusing on other features, which are the official accessories that Samsung intends to include. Galaxy S23 continue after initialization.

A set of press releases depicting the security cases of the Galaxy S23 Ultra (via @employee) unveils this year’s silicone cases and the upcoming S-View flip cover design. The latter are for credit card holders and have a small window for the permanent display feature.

Galaxy S23 / S23+ parts may leak next

Most of the colors match the Galaxy S23 lineup, seen in previously leaked renders, so it comes in black, green, pink, and cream. However, there is also a blue silicone cover for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and these accessories will be available in additional colors that we haven’t seen yet.

Likewise, Samsung plans to release other case designs for the Galaxy S23 series. They may leak before the official launch of the unboxed flagship, so stay tuned.

In terms of design, these cases confirm what we’ve already come to expect from the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone improves on the design of the current Galaxy S22 Ultra and features more squared corners than the rest of the series, as well as individual cutouts for each rear camera.

Speaking of cameras, Leaked teasers from Samsung Do a lot about low light photography and astrophotography. Galaxy S23 Ultra is the first Samsung smartphone to feature a 200MP high-resolution primary camera. This hardware upgrade will be reserved for the Ultra model, but the entire series should have some camera upgrades in one form or another.

Samsung has confirmed the launch of the Galaxy S23 series Opened on the 1st of February. The flagships are almost here, and potential buyers can do just that balance Get it online and $50 in Samsung credit.

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