Here’s the secret of the new “WhatsApp” feature!

The “WhatsApp” application, which belongs to the “Meta” company that owns the “Facebook” and “Instagram” sites, launched a new and long-awaited feature, as users can now send messages to themselves on the application.

The new feature was noticed by the “WABetaInfo” website, which follows the news of this application first-hand, as it appears in the new “WhatsApp” version for “iOS” (version, which is available to all “Apple” users, as it appears in the “WhatsApp” version. It’s new for Android (v2.22.23.77), but the feature seems to be rolling out slowly because it’s not out for everyone yet.

Mohammed Al-Harthy, a digital media and e-marketing consultant, says, “This feature is of great importance to WhatsApp users, as it saves them the trouble of circumventing their inability to send messages to themselves in the past, by having two accounts with two different numbers send them.” information from one account to another, or by the user starting a group with another person and then expelling him from it so that he remains in the group alone.

Al-Harthy adds that by launching “WhatsApp for this feature, the user will be able to save whatever data or information he wants, such as a phone number, password, link, or even an image, which is the easiest way to save and access what has been saved quickly.”

At the same time, Al-Harthy explains, “This feature contributes to increasing user activity on the application and increasing the flow of information on it, which is of greater importance to Mita and not just to WhatsApp, since the latter is the important communication channel and the main source of information flow.” Which enables the Meta company to derive knowledge that results from analyzing user data, as it is this knowledge that is of interest to advertisers, and then generates profits for the company.

On the other hand, Al-Harthy draws attention to it, which is “WhatsApp’s desire to resolve the competition with its competitors from instant messaging applications, so it seeks in recent months to add new features that distinguish it from everyone, that distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors, and then it is the most attractive application for users, And therefore the most profitable, and the latter is the focal point for any technology company.

This feature is available in the “Messenger” and “Slack” applications, and “Signal” also contains the “Note to Self” feature, which allows the user to send messages directly to himself.

This feature comes along with the recently launched feature of “WhatsApp”, which allows users to use the same account on up to four devices at the same time. etc.

The messages that the user sends to himself will be visible to him on all connected devices, while they are end-to-end encrypted.

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