“Her psychological condition is difficult.” The mother of the child who mocked Ronaldo appeals to his fans to stop the abuse

The mother of a Moroccan child, who appeared in a video mocking the exclusion of the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, from the World Cup after losing to Morocco, revealed that her daughter is suffering from a psychological crisis after she was a victim of widespread bullying on social networks.

The Moroccan girl’s video was widely spread on the Internet, as she made statements, saying, “Portugal, there is the airport,” and adding: “Where is Ronaldo? He is crying in his car, poor Ronaldo.”

Days after the video spread, the girl’s mother was forced to publish a post on social media, due to the bullying and harassment that her daughter was subjected to by Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans, according to the newspaper.dem“.

And she wrote, “I am the mother of the girl who became famous because of Cristiano Ronaldo’s video. I just want to say that my daughter is now going through a very difficult psychological state, to the point that she refuses to eat or speak because of these comments.”

The mother did not realize, during her daughter’s statements, the harm that could be caused to her daughter through social media.

And she continued, “I assure you, my daughter did not mean to insult Cristiano Ronaldo, because she knows nothing about football.”

She added, “She was just repeating what she heard around her, that she is nine years old, and she just wanted to express her joy, but unfortunately she became a victim of social networking sites.”

For this reason, the mother appealed to everyone to stop the abuse that caused the suffering of the girl, who did not exceed 10 years, and all her family members.

“I apologize to all Cristiano Ronaldo fans for what happened,” she said, adding: “Please consider her as your little sister, and forgive her because it is a matter of her mental health.”

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