Healthier than meat and provides environmental sustainability.. What is this food?

New scientific research has found that a daily diet that includes blue-green algae known as spirulina can boost health and slow climate change.

Spirulina algae is considered a superfood for its rich content of protein, iron and essential fatty acids, according to a study published in the Journal of Marine Biotechnology.

Excellent food option

Compared to beef, “Spirulina” is a distinctive healthy food option, and it is a sustainable alternative to meat, as it leaves a smaller environmental footprint compared to animal products, which result in obtaining large amounts of methane gas.

The authors of the study from the Faculty of Environmental Sustainability at the Israeli Reichsmann University suggest “spirulina” as an alternative to meat.

The researchers also indicated in the study that Spirulina is an autotroph, relying on photosynthesis and carbon dioxide for energy.

Reducing the effects of climate change

According to the researchers, the production of these algae grown in Iceland will help remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and reduce the effects of climate change.

Study co-author Asaf Tzakor commented: “Food security, climate change mitigation, and environmental adaptation can go hand in hand. All consumers have to do is adopt a little Icelandic spirulina in their diets instead of beef.”

“It is healthier than meat and environmentally sustainable. Any change we want to see in the world must be reflected in our food choices,” Tzakor added.

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