He rose from his “death” and turned over… A man shocks mourners in the hospital

After mourners gathered around a man whose family announced his death in a hospital in Indonesia, they were shocked when he “turned” during the last examination of his biological signs, so they thought he had come back to life!

Later it turned out that the man decided to fake his death to escape from the huge debts accumulated on him, in agreement with his family.

But unfortunately for him, he exposed his matter to the public after circulating scenes of him on social media as he got up from the coffin after announcing his death.

The creditor case became the talk of the Indonesian street, as soon as its photos were widely circulated on social media.

He jumped into the coffin

While the Indonesian police investigations indicated that the 40-year-old man rented an ambulance with a coffin last week, and his wife was with him, according to the British newspaper, Mirror.

They also asked the ambulance driver to take them from their home in the south of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, to a house from which they said they would take the body of their relative.

For his part, the ambulance driver told the police: “The couple was in good health when they got on board, then they asked me to stop for a while at a rest area on the highway, and during that time the man jumped into the coffin, so I thought he died.”

Investigations revealed that the family announced the death of this man, then the ambulance took him to Bokor General Hospital, in Indonesia, but he got up during his examination.

The hospital later had to issue a statement denying the man’s death.

with the help of his wife

The Indonesian police said: “The investigations into this incident showed that this man faked his death with the help of his wife, and they did not realize the chaos caused by such actions.”

While the Bokor city police chief explained, to local media, that the ambulance driver told the police during the investigations that he had heard the man’s wife complaining about his accumulated debts, and that a large number of creditors were coming to their home to claim their money.

He explained that both the man and his wife will be interrogated as soon as their circumstances permit, after making sure of the husband’s health.

Under the law in Indonesia, deliberately misleading the authorities is a crime punishable by up to one year in prison.

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