He responded to him and fired him.. Musk fired an employee with a public tweet!

It seems that American billionaire Elon Musk He will not stop opening wars and fronts on Twitter, even if some of them are against former workers in the Twitter platform that he acquired and owned late last month.

Whenever the controversial man tweets, it seems that an employee is “dismissed” or disappointed in his policy and its dangers to the blue bird, so that he responds with a heavy blow.

Perhaps the last of those wars, Billionaire fired to an employee via a direct tweet on the platform.

This expulsion story began when Musk tweeted, yesterday evening, that he apologized for the slowness of Twitter in many countries, especially on the Android system.

Laird developer Eric Fronhofer, saying that he worked for 6 years on “Twitter Android”, stressing that these allegations are false and misplaced.

Then the owner of Twitter asked again, “What did the developers do to fix this bug or slowdown?”

“he’s fired”

However, things quickly developed with the outpouring of reactions, and some criticized the employee, considering that he should have discussed this matter with his manager in private.

However, the employee replied, asking, “What prevents the manager from discussing these issues through a meeting with the employees, or at least an email?”

Musk struck his blow, announcing Eric’s dismissal, writing in a tweet in response to a user who asked him how he accepted this behavior within his team, “He’s fired.”

Fumble and bewildered

It is noteworthy that since he bought “Twitter” late last month (October 2022), for $ 44 billion after many months of tension and attraction, the world’s richest people moved quickly to put his mark on the company, and make several amendments, as he announced his intention to impose a price in exchange for the blue mark, In addition to prohibiting impersonation, even as a joke, without announcing it.

In addition, Musk fired thousands of employees, while others also resigned. He also issued a warning in his first official mail to the company’s employees, stressing that it might declare bankruptcy!

Which left thousands of employees stunned, and also shook advertisers, a number of whom basically stopped their ads on the platform more than a week ago, amid confusion and ambiguity surrounding the fate of the blue bird, since the American billionaire promised to liberate it!

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