He lost half his weight.. A bird enters the Guinness Book of the World with the longest flight!

The Godwit’s trumpet broke the world record by flying from Alaska to Tasmania, without eating or drinking, for a distance of 13,560 kilometers non-stop in 11 days and 11 nights.

According to the Guinness Book website, this is the longest bird migration ever. According to a satellite tag attached to his back, the flight is “234684”. For a five-month-old baby bird, started Oct 13, 2022 to Oct 24.

The old record for the longest migration was held by another red-headed Godwit in 2007. It covered more than 11,500 km.

Ornithologist Maxime Zucca said, “All red Godwits make long migrations, but those from Alaska make exceptional journeys.”

These birds, which nest in Alaska, migrate to New Zealand for the winter without stopping.

According to the Guinness Book website, these birds can survive such distances by absorbing 25% of the tissues of the digestive tract, liver and kidneys.

The ribbon-tailed hornbill also has the ability to enlarge the muscles of the heart and chest during flight to increase oxygen supply.

According to ornithologist Eric Wheeler, quoted in the Guinness Book, the bird must have lost half or more of its weight during its flight.

The long-tailed hornbill cannot land on water, unlike other species. to feed. In the spring, the return trip is this time through China and Korea, but Bar-Tailed Godwits, like many other species, are threatened with habitat destruction due to global warming.

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