He hanged himself in his home.. An Egyptian child is a new victim of “Charlie”

In an attempt to simulate the “Tik Tok” challenge currently spreading among school students, which is known asCharlie’s Challenge Or “Devil’s Game”, an Egyptian child ended his life by hanging inside his home.

The story began with a family finding their 12-year-old son hanged in his bedroom in the Bahtim area of ​​Shubra Al-Khaima, Qalyubia Governorate.

The security services in Qalyubia were notified that the body of the child, Mustafa, had been found hanged with a rope in his bedroom at his home, as his mother was surprised upon her return home in the condition of her son.

Clip from “Tik Tok”

During the investigations, the child’s mother revealed that she had found a video clip that was next to him about how to use the “Devils Game” or the “Charlie Challenge” as it is called, through the “Tik Tok” application.

The mother concluded that her victim’s son was trying to imitate the game, so he hanged himself with a rope, and died, and the child’s body was deposited in the hospital at the disposal of the investigation authorities, who authorized the burial after receiving the anatomy and requesting investigations about the incident.

Devils game

The game “Charlie” or “The Devils Game” involves placing one pencil on top of the other on a piece of paper written “yes .. no”. They are surrounded by a square divided into four sections, and on each part written the words yes and no distributed evenly.

Then judgments are issued that the player implements, such as cutting arteries, committing suicide by hanging, or others, as it is similar to spiritual communication games such as Ouija, and it is considered one of the ancient traditional Mexican rituals, and it is said that the players, who are usually children or adolescents, communicate with the spirit of a child “Charlie” is called to summon him and then ask him and his answer is “no” or “yes”.

It is noteworthy that the game “Charlie” began to spread widely since 2015, claiming the lives of many children and adolescents from all over the world.

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