He beat her and dragged her with a weapon.. Sherine’s lawyer reveals something new about her brother

Looks like the curtain hasn’t come down yet Sherine Abdel Wahab’s crisisHer lawyer, Yasser Kantoush, revealed that she was beaten and dragged by her brother, through a statement posted on his official account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

In the statement, Kantoush said: “Due to the rumors and news reported by her former business manager, Mimi Fouad, whose work was terminated by the artist for not performing the role required of him throughout the previous period, the artist announces and confirms that all these circulating news are just malicious and baseless rumors. It is true that she was subjected to a major conspiracy, one of whose parties was her brother, Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab, and some close to her.

intimidation with weapons

Kantoush also revealed that Sherine’s brother He beat her and dragged her with a weapon in the face of her terror and intimidation with a group of people from his friends, and this is confirmed by the investigations of the Public Prosecution, where the artist charged him with this, in addition to taking legal measures against him for the incident of insult and slander that he mentioned with the media Amr Adib.

Through the lawyer’s statement, Sherine announced that she would not hesitate for a moment to sue anyone, whoever offends her or her reputation, and that she trusts the Public Prosecution and the Egyptian judiciary to restore her rights and the conspiracy she was exposed to out of brotherhood and compassion.

Medical reports to prove the incident

Kantoush added that there are medical reports in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that prove the validity of the artist’s statements, and that in this current period she is completely devoted to her artwork, leaving litigation matters to her lawyer, who previously announced her departure from the hospital with him and her independence with him in his car heading to her home.

Sherine Abdel Wahab was discharged from the hospital last Thursday, after she had been inside it for more than three weeks, which was announced by her lawyer, Counselor Yasser Kantoush, in a brief statement.

Kantoush revealed that Sherine is in good health, and thanks everyone who supported her in her health crisis, and that she will speak through a video to explain all the circumstances later.

The captain of musicians, singer Mustafa Kamel, revealed that Sherine is at her home, and he spoke to her for more than 30 minutes, and she is in full health, fitness and smile, and she will return to present her songs that the audience is accustomed to.

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