“He assaulted a young man and photographed him naked.” The brother of the murdered journalist, Shaima Jamal, was imprisoned

In a strange incident, the Egyptian security authorities decided to imprison a brother The murdered journalist, Shaima Jamal 4 days pending investigations for assaulting a young man and photographing him naked.

The arrest of Ikrami Gamal came because he assaulted a young man by beating him in the Heliopolis area of ​​​​Cairo Governorate, then he photographed him stripped of his clothes.

Assault and violation of privacy

The concerned investigation authorities heard the statements of the abused young man, who explained that he is the son of the ex-wife of the accused Ekrami, the brother of the presenter, Shaima Gamal, and that the accused lured him to his home in the Salam area in Heliopolis.

The young man explained that as soon as he entered the house with him, he began to beat and assault him, then forced him to take off his clothes and photographed him naked with his mobile phone.

The prosecution kept the accused’s phone until its contents were unloaded and the investigations completed.

And according to the provisions of the Egyptian Penal Code, whoever inflicts a wound or beating on another person that results in amputation or separation of an organ or loses its usefulness or results in blindness or loss of one eye or results in any permanent disability that is impossible to heal shall be punished by imprisonment from three to five years. Beating or wounding with malice aforethought, lying in wait, shall be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment from 3 to 10 years.

A case that shook Egypt

It is noteworthy that the Giza Criminal Court issued a final ruling two months agoExecution of Judge Ayman Hajjaj and his friend Hussein Al-GharabliThose accused of killing the journalist, Shaima Gamal, the wife of the first, and burying her body inside a farm in the Badrashin area, in the case that shook Egyptian public opinion several months ago.

The Public Prosecution office had referred the two defendants, who are being held in pretrial detention, to the Giza Criminal Court, in a case accusing them of committing the premeditated murder of the media, Shaima Jamal.

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